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Nomograph allows rapid estimation of the temperature and pressure needed for a distillation/solvent removal. Typical uses include aiding the choice of bath temperature and pump pressure when using a rotary-evaporator or setting up a reduced pressure distillation.

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How to use Nomograph

Nomograph How To To use Nomograph, select either the required solvent from the dropdown menu or select ‘generic’ if the solvent is not available.*

There are three fields available:

  1. Boiling Point
    displays the normal boiling point of the selected solvent. If using ‘generic’, enter the normal boiling point or leave blank to estimate it
  2. Pressure
    enter the pressure (in the units displayed) or leave blank to estimate it
  3. Temperature
    enter the temperature (in the units displayed) or leave blank to estimate it

After filling in two of the three fields, the third field can be calculated by clicking the appropriate button.

The normal boiling point of a solvent can be estimated by selecting ‘generic’, entering the temperature and pressure at which the solvent boils, and then tapping ‘boiling point’.


  • Tap the pressure units button > select an option.
  • Tap the temperature units “C” or “F” to toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

*Note that the ‘generic’ option uses Trouton’s rule to estimate the enthalpy of vaporisation used for the boiling point calculation. The results are not as accurate as using the actual solvent from the drop down menu.